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DurationOne day
Course Dates25 May 2022 9:00am - 25 May 2022 5:00pm
24 Aug 2022 9:00am - 24 Aug 2022 5:00pm
14 Dec 2022 9:00am - 14 Dec 2022 5:00pm

Course Fee

Member $436.56
Non-Member $513.60
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  • Group Discount (3 or more participants) - 10%
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The workshop is designed to build confidence in public speaking and engaging the media. Participants will learn the importance of preparation, knowing the audience, and mental imaging in ensuring success. 

Participants will have opportunities to give impromptu presentations to think on their feet and formal media interviews, deliver a short presentation, and a Q&A session with the ‘media’. They will also get to evaluate their performance through video feedback. Through observations and comments from the trainer, participants will identify their strengths and weaknesses in visual, vocal and verbal communication and learn the finer points of engaging the media.

Key Takeaways

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • To understand the fundamentals of how to prepare for a media interview
  • To learn how to handle impromptu speaking and interview situations
  • To apply visual, verbal and vocal techniques to engage the media

Who Should Attend

  • Senior executives
  • Managers

Programme Outline

  1. The impact of the media and why we need to engage it effectively
  2. How to speak at the spur of the moment when approached by the media
  3. Impromptu Speech (participants to do a short personal intro, the trainer will critique)
  4. How to use the Past. Present and Future formula for impromptu speeches
  5. How to prepare for media interviews by adopting the CALM approach
  6. Elements of Content, Audience, Location and Mental preparation)
  7. Parts of a speech (Using a good introduction, body and strong conclusion)
  8. Practice sessions (role play with trainer and participants as audience)
  9. Vocal elements (pronunciation and modulation)
  10. Visual Communication (Facial expressions, posture, mannerism)
  11. How to anticipate questions and how to manage difficult questions 
  12. Mock Interview (Each participant to role play in a mock media interview)
  13. Q&A session (participants will handle questions from the ‘media’)
  14. Video playback with comments from the trainer and fellow participants
  15. Self-evaluation based on criteria such as content, delivery and handling of Q&A
  16. Summary and conclusion


  • PP presentation and talk by trainer
  • Video presentations to highlight learning points
  • Practice sessions (impromptu speeches and Q&A)
  • Mock interview, Video playback and self-evaluation
  • Comments and critique of each presentation

Programme Trainer

James Suresh is a trainer, PR consultant and author. The co-creator of Singapore’s comic icon ‘Mr. Kiasu’, He has co-written a series of comic books and authored books on his military experience. He develops comic strips for magazines and writes scripts for various media. His recent book entitled a Street in Singapore’ was featured in the Sunday Times’ best-seller list and was awarded the Readers Choice award in 2011. James is also a Certified EQ trainer. 

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Quick Information

The workshop is designed to build confidence in public speaking and engaging the media. Participants will learn the importance of preparation, knowing the audience, and mental imaging in ensuring success.

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