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Communication - General (Online)

Emotive Influencing for Winning People Over (Online)

How to use storytelling to influence, persuade and motivate your audience.

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How to Capitalise and Leverage on Networking (Online)One Day

This one-day workshop is specially designed to equip the participants with the skills and techniques to generate business leads and build contacts through network and relationship building.

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How to Work More Effectively with Others Using the MBTI (Online)One Day

Understanding, appreciating and accommodating individual differences in communication style can enhance your team'™s ability to function better.

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Humour Intelligence for Business Professionals (Online)One Day

Harvard Business Review has nominated humour as the most powerful persuasive tool of all. This program will show how appropriate humour can transform communication - even with the most 'serious' subject.

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Listening - Your Professional Advantage (Online)One Day

This program moves beyond active listening to pro-active listening. In business, 48% of communicating time is spent listening - as much time as the other three modes (writing, reading and speaking) together.

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Understanding Behavioural Styles for Improved Relationships (Online)One Day

Do you know why you behave the way you do and why do others behave the way they do? Our behaviour styles do affect our interpersonal relations with others.

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