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Human Capital Management (Online)

Competency-based Interviewing (Online)One Day

Effective organisations and managers recognize that a significant part of building an effective and productive organisation is employing quality people. Interviewing has been identified as a critical management skill.

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Understanding KPI & KRA (Online)One Day New

The performance of organizations is among the top agendas in any management, and quite rightly so. Many organizations, however, are measuring the "wrong square peg in a round hole", as demonstrated by them being like busy bees without collecting any honey.

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Workplace Diversity (Online)One Day

The aim of this workshop is to enable organisations to better understand workplace diversity and how to manage it effectively to improve performance. This includes relationships, teamwork, productivity, market knowledge, community relationships, customer service and competitiveness.

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Workplace Talent Identification and Development (Online)One Day

The aim of this course is to provide a more in-depth understanding of workplace talent identification and development as a body of knowledge in enabling effective talent management at the organizations.

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