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Advance SEO MasterclassTwo Days New

This course is designed to provide participants who already have Basic SEO knowledge and had tried doing some basic SEO before. Learning how to do SEO is just the beginning and what they are lacking is the real-world experience on how to do it strategically and effectively.

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Digital MarketingTwo Days

This programme is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and practical skills to implement a digital marketing plan.

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Effective Events ManagementTwo Days

The two-day workshop is designed to help participants to understand and apply the Principles of Effective Planning, coordinating and implementing events.

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Fundamental of Web Design Using HTML5 and CSS3Two Days New

This workshop serves as an introduction to vanilla HTML5 and CSS3, which are core skills essential to any aspiring frontend web developer or designer.

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Marketing for Non-Marketing ProfessionalsTwo Days

Marketing is critical in delivering the message to prospects on the perceived value of quality and differentiation of products and services from a given branding.

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Social Media Content Creation MasterclassOne Day

This workshop will cover everything you need to know about creating killer content for the top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram!

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Social Media for Employer BrandingOne Day

Employer branding is no longer just a Public Relations strategy but an organisational approach by management and staff of all levels.

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Strategic Marketing for Competitive AdvantageTwo Days

The strategic marketing workshop provides a comprehensive examination of the latest marketing tools, methodologies and strategies for generating and growing customer value.

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